A Weight Loss Workout Plan For Men That Really Works

There are many workout plans designed to help women lose weight, which means that men struggling with weight-related issues can feel left out. To counter this, we have come up with a weight loss workout plan especially for men. This plan includes ideas on how to fix your diet as well as examples of upper body, lower body, and core workouts to help you lose fat and tone those muscles.

How To Lose Weight In A Week?

How To Lose Weight In A Week

Before figuring out which tips and tricks can help you lose weight in a week, it is best to determine how much weight you can lose in this amount of time. Some blogs and videos out there can promise to help you lose five pounds in five days or even ten pounds in two weeks. While this is possible in some cases, it is not the best practice for long term results.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), gradual and steady weight loss translates to losing 1 to 2 pounds a week. This is not done through a diet but rather through a life-long lifestyle of eating habit improvements  and exercising.

So how do you lose this much weight in a week?

1.     Go On A Calorie Deficit

A calorie deficit means consuming fewer calories than your body burns on a day to day basis. It is advisable to cut about 500 to 1,000 calories a day (3500 to 7000 a week) from your typical diet to enable you to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week.

2.     Count Your Calories

This is best done through a reputable calorie counting app. Please note that men should not consume less than 1500 calories a day, except under the direct supervision of a medical professional.

3.     Drink More Water

Water can help you lose weight by reducing your overall liquid calorie intake, acting as a natural appetite suppressant, helping burn fat, and boost your metabolism by burning more calories.

4.     Eat More High-Fibre Foods

Not only do high-fibre foods help normalize bowel movements, help control blood sugar levels and lower LDL cholesterol levels, but they also help with weight loss because they are more filling, thus keeping you satiated which prevents you from snacking.

5.     Learn How To Portion Control

This is done through using smaller plates for your food and practicing intuitive eating. Calorie control is better achieved through portion control.

6.     Cut Down On Alcohol And Sugary Drinks

Soda, energy drinks, and alcohol all fill your body with empty calories, which will mess with your calorie intake for the day. They also do not have any nutrients that benefit your body.

7.     Try Meal Prepping

Meal prep or food prep keeps you from sinking the ship and then snacking or consuming more unhealthy foods when you are too hungry or too tired to cook. It also helps you to plan your week ahead and make sure that all ingredients are available at home when you will need them.

8.     Eat More Fruits

Fruits are beneficial to your health, and they are also great snack options. They can also be used to avoid any sugar cravings.

9.     Eat More Vegetables

They are low in calories meaning that unlike with other foods, you can eat a lot of them without going over your recommended calorie intake.

10.  Avoid All Junk Foods

They are high in calories , as well as in saturated and trans fat, three major things that will hinder your weight loss goals.

11.  Start Working Out

This is where a workout weight loss plan for men comes in. Other than fixing your diet, physical activity is one of the best things you can do to help you lose weight.

Also note that the best weight loss workout and meal plan for men should include all foods groups (carbs, protein, and healthy fats), be not less than 1500 calories, and include exercises that are fun and effective.

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How To Choose The Best Workouts For Weight Loss?

How To Choose The Best Workouts

Trying to choose the best and most effective weight loss workout plan for men can be a daunting affair. There are multiple recommendations for workout plans, and this can be quite confusing. So how do you ensure that you are picking the best weight loss plan for yourself?

  • Choose exercises that you enjoy – If your weight loss workout plan is fun for you, then you are most likely to do it.
  • Choose more than one workout – This will exercise more muscles leading to weight loss and toning. It also negates boredom in your routine.
  • Choose a workout plan that suits your lifestyle – Some people workout in the morning, others during their lunch break while others prefer to exercise after work. Choosing a weight loss workout plan for men that fits perfectly into your lifestyle means that you will have a consistent time for doing it.
  • Find a community that has the same goals as you – More often than not, surrounding yourself with a supportive fitness community can help you achieve your weight loss goals.
  • Choose exercises that fit into your day to day routine – This includes options that will seamlessly fit into your busy schedule. These are options such as walking and taking the stairs.
  • Allow time for recovery – This prevents overtraining and gives your muscles and joints some time to recover and repair.

Simple Beginners Weight Loss Workout Plan For Men

As a beginner, you do not need to have fancy workout equipment or do some incredibly complicated calisthenics moves as part of your workout plan. While workout equipment and complicated moves can help in faster weight loss and muscle growth, they could also lead to injury, especially with beginners. Remember that you should always start slow before gradually increasing your intensity or the amount of workouts done.

Here are some simple yet effective exercises that should always be included in any beginner weight loss workout plan for men.

Simple Beginners Weight Loss

·        Walking

This is a low impact exercise that can be done by men of all ages as it  does not put stress on your joints. It is also a convenient and easy way for beginners to start exercising without feeling overwhelmed or needing to purchase equipment. A 12-week study done in 2014 showed that walking for 50 to 70 minutes, 3 times a week helped reduce belly fat and insulin resistance.

·        Running

This is another exercise that can enable beginners to lose weight easily without making a dent in your budget. All you need is a good pair of running shoes. According to Harvard Medical School, depending on how much you weigh and how fast you run, you could lose 240 calories to 733 calories in 30 minutes.

·        Cycling

This can be done outdoors on an actual bicycle or indoors using a stationary bike or an airbike. A 185-pound man can lose up to 311 calories riding at a moderate pace on a stationary bike. A 6-month controlled trial also showed that cycling was also great for cardiometabolic health and improved insulin sensitivity by up to 20% to 26% depending on how often the subjects rode their bikes.

·        Swimming

Like walking, this is a low-impact, low-risk exercise that will help you lose weight and is a great option for people of all ages and even those with knee injuries. In 30-minutes, a 185-pound man can lose

266 calories through general swimming

355 calories while doing the backstroke

444 calories while doing the breaststroke, laps, or through vigorous swimming.

488 calories while doing the butterfly

·        Resistance Training

This is also known as weight training, as it incorporates weights in your workout routine. Resistance training will not only aid in fat and weight loss, but it also helps with your posture and balance, improves mental health, and can help control blood sugar levels, builds stronger bones, and strengthens your heart, among other factors.

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